Thank you all for your advice yesterday about the husbands plateau. I looked up some things for him on Spark People and sent him a link to some manly workouts on FitTV which we have On Demand. That should be a good start for him. I think we will eventually share a trainer once I'm not afraid to spend money anymore! I'm super busy at work so that's a good sign.

Today started with a chicken biscuit which is not good but I logged the points and will eat a light lunch. I'm still starving after my flu but I'm trying to keep it under control. Especially with the weekend coming up.

If it ever stops raining we are going to walk to Decatur and back (5 miles round trip) to get our morning coffee on Sunday. Other than that I have no major plans for the weekend which will be nice to recover from my Chicago trip last week. My gym bag is packed for tonight and even though the pool will probably be closed due to weather, I'm going to try to force myself to go. Not sure why but it's extra hard on Friday nights.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!