Boredom Binge

Blogging has made me so much more aware of my feelings about food and why I have a problem controlling my eating. I don't consider myself a true binge eater because I don't consume mass quantities of things when I binge. Just lots of variety!

I was bored bored bored this weekend. The weather was awful and I was super lazy which led to a comatose grocery shopping trip and way too much bad food. I ate so much crap that I ruined my sleep in Sunday morning with horrible stomach pains. Just because I was bored and lazy.

This is getting serious. I have NEVER been lazy. I normally love to clean and do house projects all weekend not to mention all the other weekend type things like long walks and meeting friends in the pub.

I've gone through a list of reasons why I feel this way so I'm putting them all down here so maybe I can address them one by one. Some things I can control and some things I can't (like the weather)

a. weather has been awful every weekend and I tend to get depressed from lack of sun.
b. the bout of flu I had
c. I'm on meds for anxiety/depression that may need to be changed. Do they stop working after a few years I wonder?
d. lack of exercise
e. too much sleep (I have no kids) :)
f. I work a lot of hours and I'm getting older
g. all of the above

That's an overwhelming list to me and I'm not sure where to start. I know I feel best when I'm exercising so I'm committing to that this week. Pool tonight then up early tomorrow morning for BL Yoga. (that counts for 2 since it's exercise and sleeping less). I'm also making extra effort to be happy today and am going to sit in the sun for lunch today! I also need to go get a physical so I will put that on my list of calls to make today. Ugh. Scale at the doctors. I've been avoiding you.

See? I already developed a plan just by writing it down. Another thing my mom was right about.

All I can do about my binge is get right back on track and try to undo any damage done with eating clean and exercising this week. There was no way I was going to face the scales this morning. I will wait until my weigh in at the WW meeting on Wednesday.

Have a great week everyone!!