I can totally do this

I'm pleased to report I had a butt kicking water aerobics class last night and I still got up and did some elliptical at 6am. Sure, it was only 15 minutes but I plan on increasing that every day as I get used to getting out of bed early.

I've been fooling myself thinking 2 or 3 days of exercise is enough and it needs to be double that. Back when I lost 100 pounds I was working out 6 days a week. While Weight Watchers is working really well for me I need and WANT to average 2 pounds a week instead of 1.

I plan on going to my water aerobics class Monday and Wednesdays after work. All other days will be up early doing BL Yoga, Elliptical or other various DVDs. Maybe even an extended dog walk in the morning with the husband. Saturdays will be a long walk with the dogs or a trip to the gym if the weather is bad and Sundays will be my day off. I'm going to make a chart of my schedule and tape it to my alarm clock :)

I'm trying to take advantage of all the help that's available to me. I've been reading the material Weight Watchers gives me and more than once so it really sinks in! I've also just downloaded a ton of Jillian podcasts to listen to in the car on my hour-each-way drive. These things are there to help me and it's time I used them to help motivate me and educate me.

If anyone has any more Podcast suggestions I'll take 'em. :)