girly woes

I'm seriously dying of cramps. I feel like I wasted an entire day of the weekend laying on the couch in pain yesterday.

I don't know what the deal is because I've never had any problems before. I spent a long time on the pill and went off of it when I got married 4 years ago. Going off the pill made it slightly worse but nothing like I've experienced this weekend. I suppose I should just quit trying to self diagnose and get to the doctor who I've been avoiding while I try to lose some pounds. I'm busting my butt and not in the mood for a lecture. Anyone know a fat gynecologist in Atlanta? :) I used to have one but she did South Beach and lost a ton of weight and got so bad with the lectures she made me cry and I switched to someone else in the office.

Because I was in pain I over ate quite a bit but I think it could have been much worse. I was at the grocery store and things were literally calling out to me. I wanted to fill my cart with junk and lay on the sofa and eat it all to dull the pain. Instead I grabbed one pseudo-healthy treat which was a box of Fiber One pop tarts. I ate one and I was fine. But we did have pizza instead of fish we had planned. I ended up eating a Philly which was so salty my fingers were like sausages. Not worth it.

I'm feeling better today and have the weeks food planned. I won't stop this time. Even though the scale says I'm up 4 pounds. Hopefully that will go away when these awful cramps do!