careful planning

Luckily I'm a planner by nature because it didn't bother me that I just spent the last hour figuring out what I could eat at the salad buffet restaurant I'm going to for lunch.

Normally, I would have figured out in my head what I thought was healthy while I was piling it on my plate but I had a sneaking suspicion there were loads of hidden calories and fat lurking in the things that seemed harmless. Boy was I right. Some of the harmless sounding vinaigrette dressings had 20 grams of fat! So a big YAY for Sweet Tomatoes posting ALL their nutrition info on the website.

That was the topic at yesterday's WW meeting. You can't do it in your head. You HAVE to write it down and you HAVE to plan and then it works :)

Here's what I chose:
Unlimited salad with Fat Free Ranch and Fat Free honey mustard
French Onion Soup
Low fat cornbread
Sugar Free Chocolate Mousse

425 calories - 9 Points (having fish and veggies for dinner allows a FEW more points at lunch)

I looked up some of the things I would have normally eaten and let's just say those will never be discussed again. Sorry Mac and Cheese and Won Ton Chicken Happiness. I had no idea you were THAT bad!

Hope everyone is having a good week. Thankfully a gorgeous and fun weekend is ahead!

*Updated to say that I totally stuck to plan and didn't look at anything else. I'm perfectly satisfied. I feel so dang proud :)