How much did she lose this week?

The British PREMIERE Gift Basket from Amazon. (This one is in honoUr of my sweet Scottish husband who is so encouraging)

5.8 pounds!

All those fabulous gourmet cheeses and short breads came off my body! :)

The meeting was really good and I got my little gold 5lb. sticker. I told my co-worker that the meeting is kind of like elementary school for fat ladies. I, being one of those fat ladies, proudly put my sticker on my bookmark just like when I would put my scratch n sniff stickers on my folder when I was little.

There were 2 annoying girls there who talked a lot to each other. One was teeny tiny and complaining of a gain after 4 months of Boot Camp 6 days a week. I guess everyone has their issues!

I love Weight Watchers because I haven't felt the slightest bit deprived. I even had Pizza on Saturday - I just worked it in. I make good choices and I track every single thing that goes in my mouth. I ate 4 almonds yesterday which I logged and found out is half a Point. The more I log my points the easier it is because everything I enter is saved.

Here are some things that are changing after only 2 weeks:
1. No more heartburn. I haven't had a Tums since Day one.
2. In my dreams I'm active and jumping around instead of stressed out.
3. Clothes fit better already.
4. Biggest Loser Yoga is getting easier (still a killer though)
5. I'm taking more time to look better.

Things I need to do better on this week:
1. More veggies
2. More exercise
3. More water

Right now I'm drying off my water shoes by my desk heater because I left them outside during the snow storm and they are frozen solid. The old me would have used that as an excuse not to go to my class tonight. That's a great one actually..."I can't go to water aerobics because my water shoes are wet." Thank goodness I'm changing my ways!