Friday thanks!

Thanks to everyone for such awesome comments on my post yesterday regarding my new financial situation. I got chills from reading the comments I was so moved!

I never thought blogging would end up being such a source of support for me. Most of us go into think no one will ever read it and then it becomes something we can't live without! Now that I won't be able to go to my WW meetings for a while I need as much support as I can get.

I've decided to approach my budgeting like Weight Watchers. Saving "points" for special things and not wasting money on crap. After I called my accountant and figured out what the difference in take home pay was it didn't seem so bad. Basically we're back to when my husband first moved here and was working part time. Our mortgage payment was higher back then so we can do this again! I'm going to try to do some freelance work and some serious budgeting and we should be fine. I'm trying to look at it as a challenge!

I'm also happy to report that while I've had a few "bad" things during this emotional roller coaster ride, I haven't sought comfort in food nearly as much and the scale is still moving down. I'm working it in to my daily points but next week I need to add some more veggies. Hopefully after all this rain MY vegetables will start to pop up!

Surprisingly, I'm feeling great. I'm happy to be at work and I'm happy everyone else is at work too. The sun is shining, my gym bag is packed for tonight and it's going to be a good weekend.

Happy Friday everyone!