Pushing Harder

Is it really Monday again already? It was a great weekend and we even got one day of sunshine! Saturday we did a ton of yard work and then went to see our neighbors play which was amazing. I didn't do any purposeful exercise but because all my muscles are sore from it I think I got a good workout and got a lot done!

3 things I did this weekend that I'm very proud of:

1. I don't usually go to my water aerobics class on Fridays because I get out of work early and end up waiting around. Now that I feel like I'm getting stronger, I decided to use that extra time to make Friday nights my "butt kicking" night. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and then did my class for an hour and it felt SO good. I was exhausted and starving afterward but according to my heart rate monitor I burned 591 calories! I think I've said before that I used to go to happy hour on Friday night. I like waking up with a sore body instead of a sore head on Saturdays. Much more rewarding ;)

2. Sunday was massive amounts of errand running and I hadn't eaten enough breakfast. I knew I had to eat before going to the grocery store. The McDonald's drive-thru was right there and suddenly I found myself driving in. All I got was 1 plain hamburger and a water. I could have gotten 3 times that much food but I knew the points value of that little burger and it was more than enough. It just proves to me how much I'm learning through weight watchers.

3. Sunday I felt all bloated from my period and looked at myself in the mirror and felt disgusted with myself. I talked myself right out of it by remembering to think positive thoughts (yet another thing weight watchers has been teaching me) What I thought about was how it doesn't matter what I look like going to Target on a rainy Sunday morning and focused on how great I felt the night before when I got dressed up to go to the play. I put on my dark jeans with my boots and the jeans seemed way too long. Then I realized it's because they were much bigger around the waist and hanging down much lower. These are the same jeans that almost sucked the life out of me on my birthday.

I'm feeling great today. Happy to be employed. Happy that all meals are prepared/planned for the week. Happy because exercising changes my whole existence. On that note here is the workout plan for the week.

Monday: water aerobics (60 mins)
Tuesday: elliptical (30 mins) dog walk (30 mins)
Wednesday: water aerobics
Thursday: elliptical or BL Yoga (30 mins) dog walk (30 mins)
Friday (butt kicking night): treadmill (30 mins) water aerobics (60 mins)
Saturday: Dog walk (60-90 mins)
Sunday: optional dog walk

I'm hoping I'm getting in enough resistance training at least for now. Our water aerobics class is about 30 mins cardio and then 30 minutes weights and resistance. It just doesn't feel like lifting weights in the water even though I can feel it in my muscles later!

Wow this was a long post for me! I guess I had a lot to get out today. Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!