How much did she lose this week?

A giant sized bag of M&M's

-1.2 pounds!

I'm thrilled to see that number since I usually gain 5 the week of my period. I'll take it!

In other good news:
• I got my 10lb. sticker. 10.4 pounds total on WW (as noted in my side bar)
• I'm 3 pounds away from my 5% goal.
• I earned 19 activity points and used none of them.
• My husband is half a pound away from onederland, wearing pants out of his skinny clothes bin, down two notches on his belt and the doc said he's younger now than he was 2 years ago.

Scary news? I lost 2 points after hitting the 10lb. mark. I haven't been using all my points anyway so hopefully it won't be too hard to adjust. I finally bought a food scale so it's much easier to control portions now.

Would I be happier with more? Yes of course but I'm following in the footsteps of my blog heroes who have done this 2 pounds a week thing successfully. It adds up and it adds up fast. The scale is going DOWN, it's not staying the same or going up. I was disappointed on the Biggest Loser last night how a 3 or 4 lb weight loss was something to be ashamed about. I know it's a TV show but they have a responsibility to their audience to at least mention that "regular people" should not expect to lose that much and that a healthy weight loss is 2lbs per week. I stopped watching it for a long time but I'm hooked again. BLERG!

Back to the pool again tonight! I'm looking forward to a good workout with the better instructor!!