How much did she lose this week?

I know y'all will be extremely disappointed but I'm taking the day off from my official weigh in because I have been

partying with my peeps!

I don't plan on making this a habit but I feel relaxed and happy today and I know where I stand so I'm skipping a week.

I did get on the scale this morning and I'm up 3 pounds but hopefully after a day or two of really clean eating, I will be at least back where I was. I have my gym bag packed and I'm ready for a good class tonight. It's amazing how just a few days off makes me dread going back but there will be no excuses. Even though I'd rather be in my garden.

In other news, I've discovered I love organic soy milk coffee creamer from Trader Joes and have finally ditched my chemical-laden coffee mate sugar free vanilla. The coffee tastes great and it's probably going to save me some money.

I got this comment on my last post from MizFit

We missed you.
And have totally saved you a seat here up front.

By the driver.
So it is waaay harder to fall off.

xo xo,

The Wagon
I needed that so much today. Thank you for saving my seat. I'm now in it. Next to the driver. Strapped in and giving directions :)