A New Low

I really wish I would have gone to weigh in today because those 2 pounds disappeared yesterday and I'm on "new pounds" again!

The oh so wise Mr. Sh*t said yesterday in a comment

"When I'm exercising, I don't overdo it on food because I equate that 300 calorie piece of crap to a half hour on the elliptical. Totally not worth it."

That is EXACTLY how my mind worked back when I lost 100 pounds and I THANK YOU for that reminder. It instantly came back to me! That's how I did it! That's how I was successful! I find it strange that I have forgotten what I accomplished back then and can't remember exactly what I did or how it felt. I'm sure I didn't do everything right because the second I hit my goal, I relaxed my exercise and eating habits and gained it all back. And then some!

I made it 45 minutes on the elliptical last night and burned 350 calories according to my heart rate monitor. I thought the extra 15 minutes would be really hard but it wasn't too bad.

I also did something very MizFit yesterday. When I was leaving the grocery store, I had a 12 pack of Diet Dr. Pepper and a gallon of milk. I had parked my car far away (on purpose) and walked all the way back to the car doing bicep curls and shoulder raises with my purchases.

Tonight I'm back on the treadmill and trying to beat my sad little 19.8 minute mile...my legs are seriously 2 feet long so it's going to be interesting to see how much faster I can get :)

Tomorrow=Friday. Hurrah!

How much did she lose this week?

I know y'all will be extremely disappointed but I'm taking the day off from my official weigh in because I have been

partying with my peeps!

I don't plan on making this a habit but I feel relaxed and happy today and I know where I stand so I'm skipping a week.

I did get on the scale this morning and I'm up 3 pounds but hopefully after a day or two of really clean eating, I will be at least back where I was. I have my gym bag packed and I'm ready for a good class tonight. It's amazing how just a few days off makes me dread going back but there will be no excuses. Even though I'd rather be in my garden.

In other news, I've discovered I love organic soy milk coffee creamer from Trader Joes and have finally ditched my chemical-laden coffee mate sugar free vanilla. The coffee tastes great and it's probably going to save me some money.

I got this comment on my last post from MizFit

We missed you.
And have totally saved you a seat here up front.

By the driver.
So it is waaay harder to fall off.

xo xo,

The Wagon
I needed that so much today. Thank you for saving my seat. I'm now in it. Next to the driver. Strapped in and giving directions :)