How much did she lose this week?

A men's Asics Shoe.
-.8 pounds!

I was happy to have lost anything this week. It's been so hectic and lots of social obligations. I had wine and some appetizers with my girlfriends on my street last night and wasn't out of control. I guess it helped that there was constant talking and laughing. My husband said the dogs were going nuts because I was across the street but they could still hear me. Needless to say, whenever I drink I tend to gain a ton but obviously my exercise this week has paid off.

Tomorrow night after work I have an appointment with the treadmill to start this running thing. I don't usually go to the gym on Thursday nights but it's time to start. Also Thursday is the worst traffic day so I might as well wait some to sit in the worst of it.

I THINK I've almost outgrown my water aerobics class. I may go some this summer just to cool off but it will have to be in addition to a more strenuous workout. It's starting to feel easy. Once again getting comfortable!

So this (not as) fat girl has dove in and is now crawling back up on land. Sounds like I'm evolving :)