How much did she lose this week?

This really creepy Stewie costume

-2.8 pounds!

but wait, there's more!

Because I didn't go to my regular meeting last week, I got this when I stepped on the scale just to weigh in on Friday....

we celebrated that at the meeting today and I got another gold 5.

I have lost 15.4 pounds now on Weight Watchers and I still don't feel deprived. Sure I've given up some portions, some snacks and some drive-thrus but nothing is really off limits and that is obviously the key to my long-term success.

This big loss just proves to me that I was right about it being time to push myself harder on the exercise front. I think I can safely say I've moved from wogging to jogging and maybe even running at times. Last night I did 14 minutes out of 35. Tonight I will try to do 15 out of 40 and my plan is to slowly work my way up to a solid hour with most of that being running.

I feel like a million bucks right now. I could go on and on today but I'm simply going to say thanks to all my blog friends who have been so helpful and supportive on this journey. It's getting better every day!!!