Weekend recap - Success!

Hang on to your hats kids. This may be my first ever successful 3 day weekend...and I had fun too!

On Friday morning I decided that I would go to a meeting at Weight Watchers to make me strong for the weekend. Even though I weighed in, I wasn't able to get to my usual meeting on Wednesdays. I got a nice surprise on the scale too. I will go into that on Wednesday so stay tuned!

Since it was the start of the holiday weekend, my husband and I both got out of work early and were able to go to the gym together! It was so nice for a change and I was so proud of myself for sticking to my wogging plan even though it was Friday night. I wogged 13 minutes out of 30. 5 minutes continuous. I hope to improve on this everytime. Hooray for the wogging and I'm so glad there are so many others doing it too! Maybe one day we'll be able to actually call it running!

There's a new Fresh Market that is right by the gym so we went there to pick up some dinner. My husband got rotisserie wings and I got some sushi. That place is incredible and will probably make me go to the gym even more!

The rest of the weekend was full of social obligations and I enjoyed some great things like margaritas, lasagna, beer, pizza and even some dessert. Just A LOT less of it. I didn't snack much aside from some microwave popcorn on Friday.

Exercise over the weekend was not purposeful but we had so many projects planned that involved sweat dripping work, I knew I could get away with not going to the gym. Let me tell you that Biggest Loser Yoga has nothing on replacing a garbage disposal. I was more sore from doing that than any workout I've ever done! We also made a new shade garden in the front yard which involved lots of shoveling and hauling and lifting. Again I was literally soaked through with sweat.

Things are definitely changing. I'm learning more about myself than ever and I owe so much of it to this blog. It helps me notice patterns in my successes and failures and both give me knowledge to keep going. I will dive into some of these things throughout the week.

In the meantime, this post is ridiculous long and I want to go catch up on y'alls weekends. Hope everyone had a good one!!