Weekend recap - Success!

Hang on to your hats kids. This may be my first ever successful 3 day weekend...and I had fun too!

On Friday morning I decided that I would go to a meeting at Weight Watchers to make me strong for the weekend. Even though I weighed in, I wasn't able to get to my usual meeting on Wednesdays. I got a nice surprise on the scale too. I will go into that on Wednesday so stay tuned!

Since it was the start of the holiday weekend, my husband and I both got out of work early and were able to go to the gym together! It was so nice for a change and I was so proud of myself for sticking to my wogging plan even though it was Friday night. I wogged 13 minutes out of 30. 5 minutes continuous. I hope to improve on this everytime. Hooray for the wogging and I'm so glad there are so many others doing it too! Maybe one day we'll be able to actually call it running!

There's a new Fresh Market that is right by the gym so we went there to pick up some dinner. My husband got rotisserie wings and I got some sushi. That place is incredible and will probably make me go to the gym even more!

The rest of the weekend was full of social obligations and I enjoyed some great things like margaritas, lasagna, beer, pizza and even some dessert. Just A LOT less of it. I didn't snack much aside from some microwave popcorn on Friday.

Exercise over the weekend was not purposeful but we had so many projects planned that involved sweat dripping work, I knew I could get away with not going to the gym. Let me tell you that Biggest Loser Yoga has nothing on replacing a garbage disposal. I was more sore from doing that than any workout I've ever done! We also made a new shade garden in the front yard which involved lots of shoveling and hauling and lifting. Again I was literally soaked through with sweat.

Things are definitely changing. I'm learning more about myself than ever and I owe so much of it to this blog. It helps me notice patterns in my successes and failures and both give me knowledge to keep going. I will dive into some of these things throughout the week.

In the meantime, this post is ridiculous long and I want to go catch up on y'alls weekends. Hope everyone had a good one!!

Holy hormones!

I'm so glad it's almost Friday. Even though it's a busy weekend ahead, I'm ready to be out of the office!

My husband and I are both having hormone issues right now. Man, things start to go all wacky when you get older! He just found out he has low testosterone and my thyroid is suddenly abnormal. Husband is going to be using a gel therapy and I just have to have another blood test in 3 months. The doc says that the low testosterone could be the reason he has trouble building muscle and losing belly fat. Hopefully it will help him lose his last 20 pounds. I made sure he told the doctor that his wife wanted to keep her sweet, sensitive husband and doesn't want the testosterone to turn him into some musclebound man pig :)

I've always wanted my thyroid to be abnormal in the worst way. So much so that my doc would say "sorry, it's normal again." I guess I wanted an excuse and it's something that can be "fixed". It would also help explain why I've been overweight since childhood and why I gained 100 pounds back (aside from eating too much and lack of exercise!). I'm not sure anything is going to come of this new abnormality but we shall see.

In the meantime, I'm feeling great! I couldn't go to my class last night due to the endless thunderstorms here in the Southeast but I did my Biggest Loser Yoga DVD and was so pleased to see how much more I can do now that I've taken off some pounds. I almost made it all the way through planks! It was raining this morning so no morning walk for us or the dogs and now I have to figure out what the exercise of the day will be. I might try a little run outside tonight. All depending on the weather...as usual! At least I don't have to water my garden.

I don't know what came over me

but when I got home last night I WANTED to do my Biggest Loser Yoga DVD. I was full of energy from eating well all week. Hmmm. Go figure! :)

I'm loving WW so far. The weekly points allowance takes away some of the guilt of eating a treat and it's really making me aware of choices portion sizes. Last night we got takeout from the rotisserie chicken place and I calculated everything before I ordered. I had a 1/4 chicken (white meat no skin) instead of the half I usually have. I had an awesome sweet potato WITH butter and a huge pile of lima beans that were so good I went searching for the stragglers underneath my sweet potato. I even made room in my day for one serving of chocolate covered pretzels (thankfully those are out of the house now!) I feel satisfied and in no way deprived.

Tonight my best friend is spending the night. She lives in Savannah but comes to Atlanta for work often. She usually stays at least one night and takes us out for dinner. Tonight I decided I'm not quite ready to go out for a big dinner so we're going to order pizza. Normally, I wouldn't care about what I put in my mouth when it's the weekend and we have a visitor. Instead we are going to order from a place that has really thin crust and I'm making a giant salad to go along with it. I'm budgeting for 2 slices and salad. Oh and a couple glasses of wine. This just feels do-able to me.

I've also realized I've been taking better care of my appearance all of a sudden. People have been commenting on my hair because I've taken the extra 5 minutes to blow it dry instead of throwing it up in a wet ponytail.

Yes, I'm in the honeymoon phase with this plan and I'm sure it will get more challenging but you know, I've been in the honeymoon phase with my husband for over 4 years and that just keeps getting better ;)

yoga for losers and sandwich happiness

So I ordered the new Biggest Loser Yoga for Weight Loss DVD and it arrived yesterday. I thought it would be nice and relaxing to do when I got home from work to wind down. Let me tell you, this workout kicked my ass!

First of all, Bob is awesome and normal and not all cheesy like some of the DVD's I've had in the past. The DVD is set up for easy progress. You do a 35 minute workout for the first week or 2 and then add to it the following weeks.

I managed to get through the whole thing except for the planks and some of the second sets of the poses. I was sweating head to toe and every single muscle is singing today although I'm not as sore as I thought I would be. It says you should do it 5-6 times a week for best results which is a lot of time, especially if you plan on adding more cardio and strength training. I plan on sticking to it for a while since it made my body feel great.

The reason I love yoga so much is I'm flexible by nature (except for my gut being in the way right now) and I feel like I see progress very quickly which is very motivating to me. I totally recommend this DVD. I think it was $20 with shipping and came in a few days.

On a sandwich note, if you can find these you have got to try them. They are called Arnold Sandwich Thins and they are only 100 calories, 1 gram of fat and 4 grams of fiber. They are whole wheat and have no high fructose corn syrup. It's basically a really thin, whole grain bun. I have one for lunch today that I grilled on the George Foreman with some ham and cheese and spinach for a yummy low-cal, high fiber panini. I really love a good sandwich and this will be so nice for a change.

The motivation switch has been flipped again and I feel really good. I'm going to my first ever Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow and I'm a little nervous but I always am my first time doing things. I signed up for a monthly pass that comes with the e-tools so I'll be tracking my food there from now on. I'm ready to give it a shot.

Hope everyone is having a great week!