Holy hormones!

I'm so glad it's almost Friday. Even though it's a busy weekend ahead, I'm ready to be out of the office!

My husband and I are both having hormone issues right now. Man, things start to go all wacky when you get older! He just found out he has low testosterone and my thyroid is suddenly abnormal. Husband is going to be using a gel therapy and I just have to have another blood test in 3 months. The doc says that the low testosterone could be the reason he has trouble building muscle and losing belly fat. Hopefully it will help him lose his last 20 pounds. I made sure he told the doctor that his wife wanted to keep her sweet, sensitive husband and doesn't want the testosterone to turn him into some musclebound man pig :)

I've always wanted my thyroid to be abnormal in the worst way. So much so that my doc would say "sorry, it's normal again." I guess I wanted an excuse and it's something that can be "fixed". It would also help explain why I've been overweight since childhood and why I gained 100 pounds back (aside from eating too much and lack of exercise!). I'm not sure anything is going to come of this new abnormality but we shall see.

In the meantime, I'm feeling great! I couldn't go to my class last night due to the endless thunderstorms here in the Southeast but I did my Biggest Loser Yoga DVD and was so pleased to see how much more I can do now that I've taken off some pounds. I almost made it all the way through planks! It was raining this morning so no morning walk for us or the dogs and now I have to figure out what the exercise of the day will be. I might try a little run outside tonight. All depending on the weather...as usual! At least I don't have to water my garden.