Up and at it!

I managed to get out of bed at 6am and walked the dogs with my husband! It was nice to be out as the sun was rising and it was extra nice not to feel like a fat, lazy pig who stays in bed while her husband is out enjoying the morning. The plan is to do the walk for 20 minutes for the rest of the week and then up to 30 minutes the following week. My ultimate goal is to run in the morning. We'll get there. Now that I have a garden to tend to, I need some extra time and I enjoy being out there after work which leaves only mornings for exercise. I waste so much time getting more sleep than I need. I'm sure I've written this same post a million times but I've just never been a morning person. I know I can make it a habit if I just stick to it for more than a few days.

I've been noticing this girl on my drive home from work. I take back roads that are extremely hilly and I have seen her huffing and puffing her way along for the last few weeks. She can't be more than 16 and the poor thing probably feels like the fattest girl in her private school. She's not fat by my standards but at that age, 20 pounds can ruin years of your life. I secretly wish her the best every time I see her. I hope that she can win this battle now and create healthy habits so she never has to worry about it at my age. Bless her heart as we say :)

Time for some yogurt! Have a good day everyone!