Another successful weekend

Happy to report that I managed another successful weekend and still had fun. I think I'm getting the hang of this although I was much more hungry this weekend than I have been. I blame that on pms and in a perfect world, that will all be over by weigh in Wednesday! I did over do it on the drinking but so far that hasn't shown up on the scale so maybe all the exercise has once again allowed me to splurge a little in the alcohol department.

Saturday we got up and walked a mile each way to our coffee place with the dogs instead of my usual sitting in front of the TV drinking coffee. It was an absolutely gorgeous morning and not a struggle at all to do the walk. I'm no longer afraid of exercise and that's a huge accomplishment for me! We did quite a bit of sweaty yard work and gardening too.

This week is going to be a bit of a challenge. Starting Wednesday I'm husband-less for a week. He's going to Scotland which was supposed to be a trip for both of us until the pay cut happened. When I booked the ticket I felt okay about it but I'm getting really sad as the time draws closer. He needs to go see his mom after losing his dad this past October so I guess I need to be happy that at least one of us can go. I would just love a vacation with my husband and I try to keep sane by telling myself this is a temporary situation.

I HAVE to keep control while he is away. I really enjoy my alone time but in the past have used it as an opportunity to eat disgusting amounts of food. I'm not going to be able to go to the gym at all since I have to get home to walk the dogs but I can make that a good workout if I really try! Writing this just now has made me realize I need to have a plan. I will work on that today!

I'm looking forward to a run tonight and the last few nights of my sweet husbands company. I hope everyone has a happy, successful week ahead!