I fought the man and the man won

What is it with utility companies? Could they possibly care any less about people?

I have no gas service at the moment and I told my ghetto gas company to f* off. Sure, I paid my bill but apparently I paid it the day before it was scheduled to be disconnected and there is a 24 window where they can still cut you off. Glad they let the customer know that! The reason it was scheduled to be disconnected? Because I had a carry over balance from last month of $3.95 because of the $4.95 fee they charge you to make a freaking payment. My entire bill was only $50 and they still shut it off. Then they tell me they can't reconnect it because I've had a disconnection. That is when swore at the woman and hung up.

I open up a Corona Light and call another gas marketer to set up new service. When can they come to turn it on? Monday. As in 6 days from now. Okay fine so when can they be there? Between 8 and 4 of course. Now I have to deal with my boss to work that out which he just this moment emailed me and said I could work from home. Thank goodness for that. Must have caught him in a good mood!

Not only is my husband out of the country for all of this but my best friend is coming to stay for 4 days and I have no hot water.

There is a little light at the end of this story. I called my mom and told her we are coming up there for the weekend and if I could please use her shower. Obviously she's more than happy to have us and I don't know why I didn't think of that even before this happened! I was worried about what we were going to do all weekend that didn't involve over eating and over drinking. At least in the mountains we can get tons of exercise and eat some good healthy mom food. Also, I only had half a beer, a salad with rotisserie chicken and a chocolate chip cookie in my fit of rage. That could have been a whole lot worse! The best news of all? They gym has nice hot showers and I will be going to take advantage of that after a sweat flying workout for the rest of the week.

I can't thank all of my blog friends enough for your comments yesterday. I will happily rely on your help during my time without my husband and I so appreciate all of your suggestions. I'm working on my plan for the week which I will post tomorrow to keep myself accountable. It seems like if I enter everything on the ww site ahead of time, it's easier for me to stick to it. I don't like to add any food or delete any exercise :)