back from stay-cation

Somehow my week away from my husband turned in to my own little stay-cation. I think it's because I desperately wanted to be on an actual vacation. I woke up at 2am hungover from my week of debauchery and declared it over. I don't regret it all that much. I had a great time with my best friend, hung out with my mom and relaxed more than I have in a while. Just like vacation. And just like vacation, the scale says I'm up 5 pounds. I wouldn't have gotten on it except for the fact that I wanted to know what drinking 100 bottles of wine would do to me. Ha! Now I know!

My husband comes home today. I see his tiny plane on the Continental website finally over this continent. I miss him and the dogs miss him and I swear I had no idea how much work he does around the house until I had to do it all myself. How do single mothers do it? I'm only a single mom for a week to 2 dogs. There are people that do this full time WITH kids. I realized this morning that I have not gotten the mail once!

My first thought after hauling my fat butt off the scale this morning was "I'll start again on Monday". Why the hell would I wait and gain another 5 pounds in the mean time? I'm back on it today and will back in the gym tomorrow. I'm sure that I will have quickly lost my ability to run any distance at all but I'll do my best.

I guess the moral of the story is that I enjoyed my time off from worrying about points and exercise and just about everything else. My job is not over, I just took a sabbatical.