I think I like running a LOT

So I'm officially doing the couch to 5k program just because I wanted something to follow to increase my running and was too lazy to figure out a plan for myself. My body craves running (and sometimes yoga) which is a brand new thing for me. Maybe it's the invention of the i-pod that helped. Maybe I need the mental release. Maybe it's because I see progress so quickly. I guess I shouldn't care why I like it but the purpose of this blog is for me to explore what works and doesn't work.

One thing I find odd is that when I do the running part of the workouts, I feel less strain on my legs the faster I run. One would think it would be a good idea to start running slower but it hurts me to shuffle along and feels better the more I'm actually running. It probably has to do with the G-force of the flying fat!

I have no specific running goals other than to complete the C25K program and then buy myself some new sweet running shoes from a real running store. In the mean time, I'm searching for a comfortable armband for my i-pod and may eventually invest in some wireless headphones. I'll spend any amount of money to keep myself happy while exercising!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I have a ton of social obligations as always but I have to keep control this weekend since I totally blew it last weekend. Feels great to be back on track!