Peer Pressure

Once again, I cannot believe it's Monday again already. Waking up to face this week was not easy. I'm still 20 grand less motivated and I've managed to gain 7 pounds in 10 days. Is that even physically possible while doing week one of C25K?

I've been giving into peer pressure for the first time in my life at almost 40. Not sure why other than the fact that I have someone else to consider now and my decisions affect my husband too.

My husbands best friend and his wife have plenty of money and constantly want to go out and eat and drink. We have both told them time and time again that we can't afford it right now - the money and the calories - but they continue to invite us out every weekend. After a while I feel bad always saying no. I want my husband to see his best friend and I don't want to never have any fun.

The obvious answer is to go along and not drink and eat and enjoy the people you are with but what if you DON'T enjoy the people you are with and some tequila makes it more tolerable? Don't get me wrong, I love my husbands friend but his wife has given up her corporate job to live her dream of being a photographer and now she's making a ton of money without even being good at it. I cannot relate to any of that right now and shudder every time she talks about being able to do whatever she wants. Am I jealous? yes.

Another wonderful solution would be to just send my husband out with his best friend. Simple. Except for the wife of the friend won't let the husband out of her sight so I once again feel bad sending my husband out on his own to be with the both of them. Why are women like that? I'm so happy to see my husband go out and have fun while I have some quality HGTV time.

Yesterday I gave in. We spent $125 we didn't have, and I woke up feeling like crap and crying over the scale. Totally not worth it. Add in the not wanting to go to work (which is awful right now) and I'm a bit of a mess.

Sorry for the long and oh so negative post but I feel better for getting that out. I'm waiting for some grand revelation on the career front but we are in such a holding pattern in the industry right now I don't think there will be an answer for a while. In the meantime, I'm going to finish my first week of C25K which hurts so much but feels so good at the same time. I have good food planned and am not drinking a drop of alcohol for the next 10 days. That should help, at least with the scale woes.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Thanks for all the suggestions on the headphones and running. I never thought about putting the cord in my shirt and that works so well! Y'all are such a big help and now I can wait until the price on the wireless ones come down. I appreciate the support SO much. (((Group hug))) Here's to a good week ahead! *raising glass of water, not tequila*