Sweatin' up a storm

It's ridiculous hot here in the ATL the last few days and I have to say it's taken a little toll on my energy level. Especially after work on the way to the gym but I've been dragging myself there and feel great for it after. I'm missing the pool because of the sheer joy of diving in on a 95 degree day but sweating my ass off on the treadmill or the elliptical helps me lose more. Maybe I should bring my bathing suit and jump in at the end of a sweaty workout.

How do y'all choose your workout plan? Do you have a plan or do you just do what you feel like doing that day? Should I just listen to my body and do what it wants to do?

Last night I just felt like doing the elliptical instead of the treadmill even though I'm trying to work on my running. I'm such a planner that I feel almost guilty if I stray from the PLAN but it feels good and relaxing to sometimes not have a plan. Almost rebellious :) Maybe I'm relaxing a little in my old age?!?!

Thanks for all your comments regarding the best friend and the wife. The comments were all so right on that I can't believe there were answers in front of my face. I guess sometimes I need a neutral opinion! I will use all your wisdom to deal with the situation in the future and think more about me, my husband and our goals.

Hope everyone is having a great week! I'm not going to ww today but I've lost 3 of the 7 pounds I put on over the last 2 weeks. I'm working hard and that's what matters today.