Back on the scale

Even though I didn't do my official weigh in at weight watchers this week, I've managed to lose 5 of the 7 pounds I put on over the past 2 weeks. I think I will be ready to go back again next Wednesday. That just proves to me that it's never "real" pounds when you pack it on that fast. It was just all the excess water and crap I retained from eating and drinking like a maniac.

Today will be my 3rd day in a row at the gym. I've noticed something interesting about working out after work. I have mentioned that I was trying to become a workout in the morning person but doing it after work instead of sitting in traffic has made me a MUCH nicer person when I walk in the door. I think my husband enjoys my happy but sweaty face walking in the door instead of the enraged, crazy woman that comes home after an hour commute in some of the worst traffic in the country. Now I sing out loud as I drive home on the near empty highway with the sunroof open after a good 45 minutes of stress relieving exercise. It's a burden on him to walk and feed the dogs and start dinner but it's working for now and we have a little routine down. I will try to make up for it and insist he relaxes a little more on the weekend.

I'm feeling so much better today than I did at the start of the week. I'm back in control and I have absolutely no obligations this weekend (on purpose!) I applied for some more jobs too. Lets hope that phone rings one of these days. I worked so hard finishing my portfolio website hoping that will get me some interviews! Time for lunch!