Okay, here we go again!

Y'all made me blush with all your sweet comments about my pictures. I'm going to put more up because it sure made me feel great about myself ;) I get so many compliments on that dress and it was a $20 find at Ross! I found 2 dresses that day. Sometimes you just get lucky...or maybe it's just constant prayers to the Gods of plus-size fashion. Prayers for sleeves have yet to be answered :)

What a week it's been. I'm having a dinner party Saturday night and I'm making a chicken curry (Jalfrezi) from scratch. I've been freaking out about it all week and had to take a xanax last night just to calm down. I had a schedule of getting everything I needed and then got a desperate call from a friend who's baby arrived a month and a half early and needed me to help him finish painting the last room in the house they've entirely remodeled for the baby. It turned out to be a good thing because I helped a friend, got a great workout and a beautiful baby girl was born early but healthy!

My best friend is here this weekend and the favorite neighbors are coming over to join us for the curry night so I was up at 6 cleaning. I have been more relaxed about the cleaning thing lately but suddenly I'm a freak about it again. I think it's hormonal and once I have some wine with my friend I can let it all go! I'm excited to go to the farmers market and the Indian grocery store to get all my exotic ingredients and stock up on good things for the week ahead.

Speaking of the week ahead, my whole point of this post is that thanks to all of your help (my husband included!) we have found a solution to our workout schedule that should work at least in the short-term. I drop my husband off at work in the morning at the hospital where our gym is. We are simply going to get up, he will quickly walk the dogs while I pack up lunches (assembled the night before) and we will leave the house at 6:30. That gives us plenty of time to get there, work out for an hour and then get showered and ready to go to work. He has to walk across the street but I still have another 20 minute drive but this way I can keep my Weight Watchers membership and continue to use my regular gym which is very inexpensive.

Eventually, when we can afford it, we want to work out with a trainer once a week together. This week, we will start with Monday, Wednesday and Friday to let the dogs get used to being on their own longer so I'll find something to do on the days in between. Maybe Biggest Loser Yoga.

So, stay tuned for some glorious details of my journey to become a skinny morning person. I can't thank you enough for all of your help!