My favorite neighbor and I in the clubhouse. She is an actress/model which is never the kind of person you want to get your picture taken with. Luckily she's not tall.

The whole gang from our street.

Above are some pictures from the Gala on Friday night. I have to admit I didn't hate them and want to get rid of them. Some progress is being made! It was so much fun but I'm DEFINITELY not a regular country club type :)

It's been such a crazy week and it's only Wednesday. I've been feeling really tired, and cranky and then all of a sudden got my period and could not believe a month had passed already. Seems like if one thing disrupts my schedule, such as travel, everything falls out of place for weeks. Like a snowball, rolling down a hill, getting fatter by the minute :)

This leads me to my re-evaluation. I'm so glad I wrote about my daily schedule because it's helped me to do a lot of thinking about it. I can't keep living with the idea that my schedule is ever going to be flexible. I would love to work through lunch and get off early or come in early and leave early but that's just not something that is possible at my job. In fact, I asked to leave 5 minutes early for the Braves Game last week and that turned into a yelling match with my boss. Yes, I'm a VP and yes, I have to ask. I got such shit about it that I cried all the way home. I can't explain how the traffic here works but if I get a 5 minute head start, it saves me 20 minutes on my drive. He won't even give me 5 minutes to save me 20. I could go on and on about it but it's not going to change anything so I'm trying to figure out another way.

Working out after work has been okay for a while but getting home at 8:00 is not ideal when we go to bed at 10:00. Also, there are too many social obligations and life events that get in the way and lots of time to talk myself out of it.

So where does that leave me? Back to the sore subject of mornings which I've probably written about a million times by now. I can't go to my current gym in the morning because it's way too far but I have a gorgeous Y right around the corner from home. I'm thinking of quitting my Weight Watchers plan and joining. I can't afford both right now but I think I could use Sparkpeople the same way I use Weight Watchers. If I got up at 5:45, I could have an hour to work out and an hour to do all my other morning things. I would have to break up with the Today Show but I can listen to news and drink my coffee in the car.

See that gorgeous Indian woman 3 people from the right in the group picture? She works out every day at the crack of dawn at our Y. She's 6 months pregnant too. We all joke about how she makes us all feel like a bunch of lazy asses but maybe I should take that seriously. She obviously doesn't get her perfect bod sitting around in her robe in the morning.

Next week I'm going to give the 7 day trial membership a shot. If I feel like I can commit to getting up, I will join. I'm going to give it everything I have. I'm tired of fighting with myself to go after a 9 hour work day and a 2 hour commute. I'm tired of writing about losing and gaining the same 5 pounds all the time. Something has to change and change is so freaking hard for me.

In the meantime, all you morning people, let me know your secrets. Keep in mind my mother said I've never been a morning person, from the day I was born :)