Monday Mix Tape - Soggy Edition

Wow it is wet here in the ATL. It's been raining non-stop for a week and we're supposed to get 5 more inches today before it's all over. The dogs have cabin fever and I think we're all ready to see some sun.

I spent yesterday cleaning the tumbleweeds out of my little workout room. It suddenly occurred to me that I could use the expensive elliptical that has been sitting in my house for years as something other than a drying rack. I was up and at it this morning ready to use it until I realized that the lightning was so bad I might not want to be on something plugged into the wall. I did some random exercises instead but this is the week I start working out in the mornings. I know y'all have heard me say this for a year but I mean it this time!

My aunts funeral was on Friday and it was very sad but in the weird way that funerals do, it brought everyone so close together. My grandma is fine and my mom is fine and I'm just going to make sure to keep checking in on both of them. It's funny how the older I get, the more I give my mom the same kind of advice she would give me. Makes me realize how much she's taught me and how grateful I am to her for the way she raised us.

I managed to get tickets to the PGA Tour Championship on Saturday! I don't normally call in favors from vendors but since FedEx is one of our biggest and they sponsor the tour, I did it. I compromised by not demanding Sunday tickets :) East Lake is at the end of our street and it's such a fun day. We'll decide who we want to follow around for the day but it won't be Tiger because you usually can't get near him. I will make sure to take some pictures.

Now I must get to work. Things got off schedule big time with the funeral so I hope to get caught up today. Have a great week everyone!!