New gym = New beginnings

Lets just say that it's a really good thing I sit for a living because my legs aren't working so well. Not smelling so good either but I will have more time to freshen up after I've got the routine down a little more. I honestly didn't think I'd work hard my first day. Ha!

I had my free appt. with the trainer at the new gym and it was great! Part of the reason the gym is so cheap is that so you can actually afford to use the trainers if you want to. I'm not sure yet if that's in the budget just now but we'll see. They seem pretty easy to work with as far as letting you pay for a little at a time. I liked him okay and he REALLY seemed to know what he was doing. Georgia Tech kid too so not a dumbass :) If I was paying him there's no way he would be taking phone calls on my time but since this one was free I let it slide.

We mostly did body weight exercises and abs. I finally got to try the kettlebell and I could really get into that. I was sweating up a storm and totally out of breath. That's why trainers work so well. I would have never made myself work so hard if I were just doing that on my own.

There's so much conflicting information out there about how much you should lift and how much cardio you should do and where your heart rate should be and if it matters yadda yadda yadda. He says some things that conflict with what Jillian says but I think you just have to put your faith in something and get moving. I know that when I lost 100 pounds I didn't really lift weights but maybe that's part of the reason I gained it back. Who knows. The point is I'm working out and I'm committing to it 6 days a week.

I really feel like this is a new start for me. I've been trying to figure out the best way for me to work in the work out and I feel like I don't have to search anymore. Things are about to start happenin' up in this blog!