Fitness Fantasy Come True!

Yesterday DietGirl did a great post about Fitness Fantasies. Today one of mine came true!

I'm now the proud owner of 2 gym memberships!

Finally, a gym opened up across the street from my work! The best part is it's $15 a month and it's all brand new. In fact, it's not even finished yet but the cardio and weights are up and working. Because it's not finished, they weren't charging an enrollment fee so I only had to pay my first month which I did right then and there. Instead of wasting any time, I have my free session with a trainer tomorrow at 12.

The plan is to work out at lunch most days and take a Body Pump class after work once or twice a week. That is pretty much what I did when I lost 100lbs. so I know it works. I seem to have most of my energy mid-day and the after work class keeps me out of traffic. Win Win!

Now I have a work gym and a weekend gym. Check off one fitness fantasy. I think some others would be a Yoga retreat in India, a trainer like Jillian, a pool in my backyard...I could go on and on but now I need to get to work.

Hope everyone is having a great week!