Monday Mix Tape

This weekend was AWESOME. It was my fifth wedding anniversary! For those of you who do not know the sickeningly romantic story it's here. I have the best husband in the world.

We went out for dinner on Friday night and had amazing steaks at a dark and romantic steakhouse. We haven't been out for a nice dinner in so long so it made it extra special.

Saturday we piled the dogs in the car and went up to visit my mom in the mountains of North Carolina where we got married. The leaves are changing and the weather was crisp and cool. It was perfect.

Sunday started with my newest project which involves teaching my Scottish husband how to drive. We can't afford to pay for lessons so I got a "teaching your teen how to drive" book from the DMV which is actually quite helpful. He has never driven a car in his life at the age of 44. He never needed to since they have the most amazing public transportation system over there. Here it is another story. Atlanta public transport is a joke and he's really anxious to learn. I'm learning how to be patient and a good teacher which isn't easy for me! He's doing well though and we hope to have him licensed before Christmas.

Sunday afternoon we drove home, looked at some leaves, bought some apples and came home to face the fact that it was Sunday afternoon and we had neglected all of our weekend chores! After getting all that work done, we ordered pizza and passed out at 8:30.

Although I had a great weekend, I feel horrible today. I feel like I gained 20 pounds over the weekend. My jeans are (still) tight and I had terrible heartburn through the night (that's what I get for eating pizza) Lately I've been more focused on having fun with my husband than I have on being healthy. We've been enabling each other to make bad choices. His weakness is beer, mine is cookies. We need to find ways to have fun without food/drink being involved. It might be a little easier if it ever stopped raining here!

Even with all the plans we had this weekend, I made doing the shopping and prepping for the week a priority and I'm glad I did. I have healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners planned for the rest of the week.

It's time to build up my strength for "eating season" which is fast approaching. I feel like I've let my guard down a bit and I have some time to get my act together before we're in the throws of it all. I think I'll do some squats tonight. There's something about that particular kind of muscle pain that is a constant reminder to stay on track :)

Have a great week everyone!