Time to experiment

Thank you all so much for all your comments on yesterdays post. I really appreciate all the advice and it helped me face the scale for my Friday weigh in which is almost unbelievably up a pound. Whatever. Just more proof I need to play around with what I'm doing before I freak out any more.
Sometimes I really don't know what I would do without my blog and my blog friends.

First of all, an example of what my diet has been like for those of you who were kind enough to offer to look at it.

Typical day:
Breakfast: Steel Cut Oats with a couple tablespoons dried fruit and a splash of soymilk
After gym snack: banana and 2 teaspoons of peanut butter
Lunch: sandwich turkey and lowfat cheese on a sandwich thin or half sandwich on organic rye lettuce and tomato.
Afternoon snack: 10 almonds and lowfat string cheese
Dinner: 6oz protein of some sort, vegetables and occasionally some brown rice.
Snack: 1% Milk and a 60 cal sugar free pudding or a graham cracker.

Here is an example of my daily Sparkpeople stats

I seem to be okay in most things. I'm definitely not eating enough vegetables but I usually start eating salads in the spring again.

One comment I got that was really interesting was about the Lexapro. I know I gained weight when I was on it and after doing a little bit of research, lots of people have had problems losing while they were on it and for a month or so after going off of it. I'm staying off of it and continuing to try to combat my anxiety issues with exercise. I also realized I no longer spend $20 a month on the pills which now goes to my gym membership:)

Here's my plan for the next month:
Learn my BMR and really work the numbers on my calorie intake (this is hard for me. I suck at math. I'm a fine arts major!)
Track measurements and body fat percentage
Reduce carbs (keeping oatmeal but focusing on protein and veggies for the rest of the day)
More water
500 calorie burning cardio sessions 6-7 days per week
no weight machines, just abs, pushups, squats and lunges

Thank you all again for all the advice and contributing to my plan for the next month. Please feel free to critique and keep it coming. I feel like I have so many people cheering me on and that's the main reason I'm not giving up.

I've gotten a few awards lately and I so appreciate them but haven't been in the best frame of mind to acknowledge them yet. I have a post saved as a draft and I promise to get to that this weekend.

Have a great weekend all my blogofriends!