Couch to 5k week 2

I made it through week one! I'm actually moving on to week 2! Excuse the exclamation points! I've never made it this far!!

It went really well some days were easier than others but I was never overly sore but could still feel the "zing" which is how I knew I was doing the right amount. One thing for sure, it has whipped my lungs into shape! A week ago I could barely walk around the block and yesterday I was running around with my husband and dogs on our walk like it was nothing. So far I'm really impressed with this program.

On the work front, I'm still working harder than ever to make ends meet but I'm getting the hang of it, one baby step at a time. Some of my learning is coming from mistakes and that's very hard for me but it's part of the process. It's the process defining my process. Never did I think that would be so exhausting!

Now, our dogs are so dirty they have "ring around the neck" so I'm off to go give them a bath.

Hope everyone is doing great out there!! Thinking of you all even though I haven't had time to comment.