My first 5K

When I first started my couch to 5k program I never planned on actually running an organized 5K but the opportunity has come up and I'm going to go for it. The hospital where my husband works has a team for the Komen race this year on May 8th and we are signing up. Both of us!

Technically I just finished week 2 of the program but now that this has come up I'm going to get another session in this weekend before I start week 3. The race is 4 weeks away but I don't have to run the whole thing. It will be good practice, and great fun.

As some of you know I'm a long time Breast Cancer 3-day walker and crew member. This will be my first Race for the Cure and I'm looking forward to participating in a different event.

You'd think all this running would lead to some weight loss but I feel great so it doesn't matter that much to me right now. I'm focusing on my fitness goals and hoping that weight loss will be a happy side effect. I've been a in a food rut which hasn't helped. Something about the change of seasons leaves me struggling with what to eat. Nothing sounds good to me right now but I have to get some meals planned. I'm on to week 3 of c25k and my husband is starting a fitness boot camp. We need some good fuel for our fire :)

I'm giving myself some time to catch up on my blog reading today. Hope you are all doing well!