wake-up call #3,756

I found out yesterday, unofficially, that I have asthma. I've been suffering from allergies (itching and wheezing) for a while now and yesterday saw a respiratory therapist and went through an hours worth of tests. He says I have it and is sure the pulmonologist will confirm it. Of course I asked the usual questions... Is it because I smoked a pack a week (cigarettes and otherwise) back in the day? Is it because I'm too fat? Yes and yes. He said that there are probably many reasons it's flared up recently but the weight is the main factor. He was no skinny thang himself so luckily was very understanding about how hard it can be.

As someone who doesn't sit around and feel sorry for myself, I'm doing something about it. I have exercised and ate well every day this week and in one hour, I'm meeting with someone who I think will be a perfect personal trainer. It will be hard to afford it with the yoga and gym but it will be cheaper than all this medication in the long run.

Going to yoga tonight with Crys. I'm super excited about that.

Oh and I lost 3 lbs. this week. Almost on to fresh pounds...