A new chapter

I'm usually not the biggest fan of Mondays but today I'm feeling great. On Friday I met with a trainer who I immediately knew was the person for me. I'm starting today and I'm not even a little nervous because I'm SO ready to kick it up a notch.
I will work with her once a week, do yoga twice a week, and walk/run just about every day. I'm hoping by spring to be able to bike to my appointment with her. There is an ENORMOUS hill on the 2 mile route from my house to her studio which I WILL conquer one day... after the half marathon.
I think the hardest part will be keeping up with my cardio on days where I have my training or yoga. There aren't enough hours in the day as it is but I'm committed to keeping up this schedule.
The weather this weekend has a lot to do with my positive attitude. All it takes is a little sun and warmth to have me feeling energized and happy. My husband and I clocked 10 miles this weekend which put me over my goal of 15 for the week. I was sore but recovered really quickly every day. If I keep up my current pace, I should be able to complete the half marathon (running and walking) with about 45 minutes to spare in the 5 hour time limit. Not a lot of room for error but I'm a little less terrified now that I've picked up my pace just a little. I have to keep reminding myself that it's only 3/4 of one day of the 3-Day. I've done that 3 times. I've got this.

In case you missed it, here's a pic from Crys' blog. We went to Bikram together on Friday and it was a riot. Her post about it is worth a read!
Have an awesome week everyone.