Digging deep

Sometimes I think I totally sell myself short on my athletic abilities. I never thought I was a "I can't do that" kind of person but I hold myself back sometimes. This is exactly why I hired a trainer. To push me beyond these limits I set for myself in my head. Did you guys know I could do a minute long plank? I sure didn't! I still couldn't believe it until I did it for the 2nd time yesterday. I'll report back on the plank progress when I get to 2 minutes!! :)

She is exactly what I was looking for. The perfect combination of butt kicking workout and a dose of encouragement and happy, me time. I look forward to going to her studio as much as yoga.

Speaking of yoga, I have forced myself to only go one night a week and pound the pavement the rest of the time. I've been putting in some serious miles and only had one small freak-out about the 1/2 marathon. I had read that participants had to keep a pace of 4 mph (which is not going to happen) but then the "worlds nicest ex-boyfriend" pointed out that the course was open for 7 hours and that old ladies with walkers could finish it in that amount of time. He's right and now I'm not going to worry (as much) and just do my very best. I may be last but I will finish it.

Things would be so much easier if only some more weight would come off. I'm considering a major shift in my diet...possibly going meat free for a while and see if that stirs up the metabolism a bit. It's worth a shot!