you look mahvelous....

When I first started yoga I had a hard time looking myself in the mirrors that surround me. Our instructor always says to find your eyes in the mirror and focus on them. I don't want to look because in my mind I look SO much better. Last night I knew she was specifically talking to me when she said "find your eyes find your eyes find your eyes". My balance must be getting better because I found them and I looked. I really looked.

I'll tell ya, what I saw was a hundred million times better looking than the first disheartening look I too more than 6 months ago. My body has completely changed and I've barely lost a pound.

Last nights class was miserable. Too many people sucking up what little oxygen was in the room, too many men smelling of man feet, had to stand right in front of the humidifier etc. I was so nauseous from the smell I didn't do really well for the 2nd half but maybe last night was meant my time to appreciate my progress, even on a bad day.

Maybe, one day, the scale will move again.