I'm better than brownies

I'm sitting at my desk trying to work while the smell of freshly baked brownies dances around my head. I'm making them for my sisters birthday party and didn't think it would be this hard. I had to rinse out the bowl fast before I licked it. I'm staying strong because my limbs are still like jello after my morning group training session which is a fabulous (and ass kicking) hour of pilates and weightlifting. I'm not going to ruin an hours work for 30 seconds of brownie bliss :)

I busied myself unpacking and washing all my CSA veggies and I think I might make some Kale chips?!?!?! Not sure how they are but people have been known to eat them. Playing 'Iron Chef' with my box is helping me stay focused.

Last nights yoga class was probably one of the most successful I've had yet. Even though the scale hasn't gone down much, I'm noticing so much less fat getting in the way of my poses. The looking at myself in the mirror is happening a little more each time and last night my favorite instructor said how much more defined my poses are becoming. I practically skipped out of there. I joke with my husband about my girl crush on her but it's nothing more than a classic case of falling in love with your therapist :)

I'm off to go frost those damn brownies now.