calling all runners (and opinionated non-runners!)

Most of the time I use my blog to blah blah blah about myself but today I need some advice from all my wise readers as I build up my mad running skillz.

My plan is to run every other day and at least one of those days do the full 5k distance. (keep in mind that I'm supplementing this with two 90 minute Bikram yoga classes, a personal training session and a group training class)

I thought I would do that for a couple of months until I'm good and comfortable with the 5k distance then take it to the next level and join a running group.

Part of me thinks I'm putting off the joining a group part of this because I'm slow and scared but the other part of me thinks it's wise to get a little better at it.

Do I wait a while and build up some more skills and confidence or do I dive right in?

I'm so analytical these days....