Time for some change up in here and 5k recap

As a designer, I couldn't deal with my blog design that didn't match my mood anymore. I was sad and scared when I did the old one and it really reflected that. The title stays the same even though I'm not swimming much anymore but that could change any day knowing me!!

I don't normally post on a Sunday but I'm still flying high from my first (running) 5k. I did it and I ran the whole thing except for a really steep and very stinky hill behind the zoo. The water stop was there too so I had to drink while covering my mouth and trying to move as fast as possible. The rest of the time was shear joy with a few "you can't do this" moments mixed in. I haven't come THAT far yet ;)

As you can see, my 50 minute 52 second pace but was not record setting but I was so freaking proud of myself it didn't matter.

This morning I got up at 6am (again) to go out and support the Worlds Nicest Ex-boyfriend and his sister. My best friend came with me and we sat on the side of the road and drank coffee in the dark waiting for the start. The first to come through were the wheelchair racers (never ceases to amaze me - the hills here are brutal - I can't imagine) WNEBF came through and even stopped to give us a big sweaty hug. Sister and Mrs. WNEBF walked the half and came through towards the end. WNEBF finished the full in 4:30 and the girls finished the half in 4:00 on the nose.

So proud of them all which brings me to the real point of this post.

I have learned so much about myself in the last 6 months of going to yoga and I realized that the secret to it all is consistency. Why has it taken me 41 years to learn this? If I miss even one yoga class It sets me back 2 weeks. If I would skip 1 day of C25K it would set me back 2 weeks in the program. This is a huge revelation for me. Combine that with all my inspiration and energy to spare and we have a winning combination.

I have to take this huge success of my 5k and build on it. There's no going back - just like there's no going back when I set a new personal plank record or jump rope record.

I will RUN that damn half marathon next year and I hope y'all will continue to hang in there for this crazy ride.