Monday Mix tape - bullet point edition

  • I spent 27 hours this weekend working on a Powerpoint (hence the bullet points) If it had been sunny out I don't think I could have made it through.

  • I'm super excited about my training session which is in 58 minutes. I'm going to up my plank time to 1 min 10 sec and my jumpropes to 100. I have on my super strength bra. Looking forward to exercise is huge progress.

  • I lost another 1.2 pounds since I posted last Tuesday. Yes, that's right, even over the weekend. I was 230 this morning. I will greet the 220s with much rejoicing. Lower than 228 is all "fresh pounds" that were not put on over Christmas :)

  • My appointment with the pulmonologist is tomorrow. I'm a little freaked out but I'm pretty certain it's all treatable. Hopefully I haven't done any permanent damage and that I'm on the right path to being healthy.

  • Have a good week everyone!