not so fat Tuesday

I meant to post this yesterday but ran out of time!!

I saw 228 on the scale yesterday morning. The lowest I've been in 6 months. I feel like a million bucks!

This morning I was super brave and went to my trainers group class which is a combination of weightlifting and pilates. When I got home from yoga last night I wasn't sure it was going to be possible. I looked like a drowned rat and could barely keep my eyes open but I was up at 6 and ready to go! It was an awesome group of women befitting of my most awesome trainer. I knew I would LOVE it and I can't wait to go back. Wanna hear the best part????

1 minute, 30 second plank.

When she told us our time I had to have her repeat it because I didn't believe it. The only problem with increasing your plank time is that you have raised the bar and have to do that or better the next time ;)

On the health front
The respiratory therapist says "guuurrrrllll....there aint NOTHIN wrong with you" and the Pulmonologist says it seems to be nothing more than allergy related asthma. I can't do any half marathons until the Advair starts fully working but I can do the 5k. It's a week from Saturday and because I walk/run that distance regularly, It should be a breeze. The worlds nicest ex boyfriend is coming in town to do the full marathon and his sister (who I was going to do the half with) is still doing it so I will be on the sidelines the following day cheering them on. Next year I will be in it!

I could go on for days but I have a ton of work to do. Hope everyone is having a great week. Thanks as always for your support. It's all finally coming together.