Monday Mix Tape

  • The weekend started with this at 5am on Friday
(edited to protect the innocent and famous)
  • Today is the first day I did 45 minutes of cardio intervals (minute run, minute walk) BEFORE I go to the trainer. Pray for me!

  • In reference to the above bullet, I WILL get up and do cardio in the morning instead of putting it off until lunch to avoid 3 showers in one day. Double workouts are hard enough and I might as well maximize my time!

  • Today is also the first day I ever wore a tank top to the regular gym. I wear one to yoga but that's different. Of course I saw someone I know but she was very supportive!

  • Peanut butter and banana do not make a good desk snack. I forget that natural peanut butter is nice and hard when it comes out of the fridge but then it gets really runny. Also do not put anything that has touched runny peanut butter in your Michael Kors bag!

  • I 'came out of the closet' and have shared my blog with some more people I know. Shout out to Mom, Meg, Laura, Amy, Alison and my sweet husband. After my experience yesterday I just thought it was time.

  • Have a healthy, happy week everyone!