always a battle

Do you ever just get tired of fighting with yourself? I never fight with anyone. Only myself. Only about food and exercise.

The debate rages on in my head this morning as I'm sporting yet another injury of the right side variety. I sliced open my thumb and ended up going to urgent care for stitches on Saturday. Of course I waited too long so I could only get glued and taped but at least it's put back together and I'm not going to get tetanus.

The cut took my mind of the tendonitis for a few days but now it ALL hurts which severely impacts my big plans for workouts this week. I'm fine except from the right elbow down so I KNOW I can do most of what I have planned but the pain makes me want to sit on the couch and eat and feel sorry for myself. I want it to go away and I feel like if I keep pushing myself it's never going to get any better. Last time I tried to stop and heal I gained 9lbs.

I'm really trying not to be so cranky about it but that's what happens when I'm frustrated. Injuries, constant power outages from storms every other day, having to listen to everyone talk about vacations.... I'm hoping if I at least try to work out this week, I may loose the crappy attitude :)