falling on the double edge sword

Thanks for all the well wishes on the injury front!

I decided I would compromise and work out every other day this week which didn't start out to be such a great idea! After Monday's training session I was in so much pain I had to go to bed early even though she took great care in modifying things for my right arm. I was worried but woke up Tuesday feeling better than I had in weeks! I didn't go to yoga Tuesday but was back at my trainers core class early this morning - again feeling good! Even the cut is healing up quickly.

My husband called this afternoon to ask how I was and I said "I'm great! I'm busy but inspired." That's when it really hit me just how much I need my exercise routine for way more than weight management. It affects everything I do, every day. Energy, creativity, memory, focus, stress level - you name it...yet sometimes it's the hardest thing in the world to do. Especially when there's pain involved.

I guess sometimes we really do need to stop and take a step back to get a new perspective. Somehow things become easier for me on this journey when it becomes less about the weight loss and more about my well being. Now that's something to ponder! :)