Monday Mix Tape

Is it really Monday again already? The weekend was a relatively successful. I drank and ate a little more than planned and ran a little less than planned but all in all, it wasn't bad.

For my Saturday long run, I was a little disappointed in myself for having "only done 4 miles" then I realized how ridiculous that sounded. I decided to stay in the neighborhood instead of doing the course - mostly because of the lack of water stations this week. The next 2 weekends will have water every mile or so and I will be out there practicing with a ton of other people. I got once around the golf course. My big victory was running without stopping up 2 giant hills I've never done before. It was so hard but I read somewhere to just focus on running from telephone pole to telephone pole and that really helped. I pushed myself to my absolute limit and it felt awesome.

My Monday morning attitude was surprising. There was work to do before work so I wasn't going to go but I finished it pretty quick and threw on my shoes. I knew how good that post-run shower was going to feel and I didn't want to feel disappointed in myself all day. I have my trainer this afternoon so I could have justified it but I need my cardio and it's the only way. The only problem with having "raised the bar" and ran those 2 hills Saturday was that I had to do the same this morning. It was a shorter run but I knew I was never going to be able to walk those hills again. No going backwards. Only forwards!
Although it was a busy weekend, I still managed to shop for and prep great food for the week ahead which for me is THE KEY to staying on track. We've been eating really low carb which can be really difficult to keep interesting. I made broccoli slaw, lite ranch dressing made with greek yogurt and 13 bean soup. I washed, cut and stored about 20 pounds of vegetables. That is a ton of work but it's done and I'm so happy knowing my fridge is packed full of goodness.
I also had to make Oreo truffles for a wedding shower. Oreos are my Kryptonite. Instead of having any while I was cooking, I put 3 away to REALLY enjoy later in the evening. There have been many times where my husband and I have eaten the entire package in one night so I'm considering that a huge victory. It replaced my weekly cupcake and I'm okay with that trade. I ate absolutely nothing at the shower which was another huge victory.
Blogging regularly again has made me realize just how much hard work this all is. The huge pile of laundry from double workouts, working 3 different jobs, shopping, cooking, cleaning, exercising. No wonder the time flies but it's so worth this feeling of pride in myself that's slowly developing again.

Have an awesome, healthy week everyone.