26.2 - The finish line

Why yes it HAS been forever since I posted (yet again). I guess I was busy becoming a MARATHONER! :)

What's funny is that I wasn't inspired to post about it immediately. I had every intention of writing about it the day after but I was still so high from it that I could barely form a sentence. I'm also glad I took the time to reflect on the whole experience and really figure out what it meant to me. Finding the answer to that question I asked myself quite alot during training and the race..."why do people do this shit??!!??!!"

What can I say about it except that it was "all the things". It was rainy and cold and then it was sunny and hot. It was awesome and it was awful. It was the best and the worst. And it was still the second best day of my life ever (after my wedding of course!) 

My body was drained but my heart was so full. Full from the love and camaraderie of TWENTY PLUS people from the Atlanta Track Club that made the trip for this race. From the support of my incredible friends who trained with me and waited for me to finish really really really long runs and then help me celebrate. From the love of my husband who kissed me goodbye every morning at 4:45 and always believed in me. From the non-stop messages, gifts and cards from friends and family across the world. From the pride I felt in myself from completing 18 weeks of marathon training (which IMO is actually harder than a marathon). From the JOYFUL distraction of my friend who couldn't run but instead rode his bike with us, took pictures, and kept us updated on our other runners (nothing like having your own personal bike support!). From the support of my amazing friend (and former fat guy) who ran his own marathon then ran back to run us in. And most of all (and this one makes me cry) crossing the finish line with the four incredible women that were with me for the whole thing.

For added inspiration my friend on the right has lost more than 170 pounds and it was also her first marathon.  All these other badasses are pros :)

That's what got me through. That "heart full of goodness" was even more of an accomplishment to me than 26.2 miles or crossing the finish "swine" 5 hours and 42 minutes later.

I've found myself a little "lost" since the race. Suddenly it was all over and kind of back to reality.  I took a week off running and then I had to have boob surgery again (nothing serious) which turned into a few weeks of not working out. Time off for me is promblematic.

I mean seriously I just ran a marathon and right away I'm worried about what the next big goal is?
I didn't realize just how much I rely on exercise and running to fight the boredom-depression-eating cycle I'm famous for.

Which brings me to the inspiration for this post. I'm finally back at yoga which is ESSENTIAL for my body and my brain. I gave up way too much of it for running during training and I'm finally back in my regular practice 3ish days a week. I felt immediately better after the first week and already the second week has me inspired enough to write!

Sometimes it's not the start/ beginning or the ending of something that's the hardest. It's the practice of maintaining it that's the challenge. - most amazing yoga teacher @wellnesswithjenn

I've been struggling with maintenance. I gained 10 pounds during marathon training which is somewhat normal but it terrifies me. Yes my body held on to it to fuel me for 6 hours of running, yes I gained some muscle and yes I ate ALL the carbs. And the sugar. And all the foods. And about 700 gallons of mimosas. So that part is on me and it's the part the surgery does NOT fix. Luckily I've learned a lot and know what I need to do. 

So now what IS next? Next is the New York City Marathon. Next is a new and improved blog/website and a then a book. (For real!) Next is losing this 10 pounds. There I said it and now it's out there in the universe. And I will of course be blogging about all these things along the way! I will make an official announcement when the new site is live so it's not buried in the bottom of this post (in which case thank you for still reading!) Stay tuned!

that .2 is long.....

Happy New Year! (oh wait it's already February)

Hi all! A late update is better than no update right??!!?? :)

December was a total blur! I turned 45, and then on Christmas Day we drove down to the Florida Keys to celebrate my husbands 50th. This was a first for both of us to not be with family but we enjoyed every minute of our week in the sun! The weather was gorgeous and this was really my first beach vacation as a normal sized person and I took advantage of all the awesome new things my body can do.
my first stand-up paddle board (SUP)!

An amazing kayak adventure all by myself!

Why not plank while on the pier? I even did one on the SUP but with no one to take a picture!

And of course the challenging 8ish mile run around the island!
It felt absolutely amazing to be so active and see this place in a way I've never been able to see it.

There were a few other victories as well...
Wearing a dress comfortably!!!!

Wearing a tank top in public!

Best. Vacation. Ever.

 Then it was back to reality and a 50 degree temperature change.
Tina Tip: if you spend a ton of money on cold weather running gear you will be more likely to force yourself out the door to go do it :)

I'm honored that I was chosen to be a run leader again this year for the Track Club. I'm starting with coaching the "women on the move" group which is an amazing group of over 100 women getting ready for the Atlanta Women's 5K at the end of March. Some of them have never run before, others are trying for a PR. We even have 13 year old twins who will probably win Boston one day :) I will be committed to this all year with Peachtree Road Race training next then fall half marathon training. Coaching has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done. It gives me so much joy even when my alarm goes off at 5:30 every Saturday.

Speaking of Track Club, they had a fundraiser called "Suits and Singlets" - formal wear meets running wear - and of course I went all out...

The mylar blanket pashmina was a last minute inspiration and I also loved wearing my Mizunos with fishnets - I hope I get that opportunity again!!


Hot chocolate race was next - I chose the 15k. I've never done it because I think it's kind of gimmicky and expensive but my half marathon trainees from last year were going to do it so I joined in. It was cold of course but it was so fun to run with the ponytail posse again!
It was a good race. Cold and hilly but the hot chocolate and the chocolate fondue at the end was awesome. They had stuff along the route but I can't fathom eating chocolate while running 9 miles!

Like I said the race was good but the expo the day before was THE WORST. I had just come back from a week long business trip and was WAY over-committed. I had to coach in the morning, then attend a big shopping event with a friend that was planned for months, then I had to go to the expo since they don't mail numbers and ended up abandoning my car 3 miles from the expo in gridlock traffic and walk. 6 miles round trip. Did I mention the race was the next morning? All in all I was out for 12 hours 6am - 6pm.

Here's where we come to another Tina Tip:
NEVER and I mean NEVER wear your sweaty sports bra for 12 hours. Change your clothes. Even if you have to do it in a Starbucks bathroom.

2 days later (during an unrelated uterine biopsy which turned out to be nothing thank GOD!) I mention to my doctor that I have a painful lump in my left breast that wasn't there just a few days ago when she examined me. She sent me straight to the breast specialist to make an appointment. I was SUPPOSED go 2 days later but got super busy with work and just couldn't do another doc appointment that week blah blah blah....

Over the weekend it turned into a RAGING infection. A tangerine sized abscess on the inside. Debilitating pain that was so bad it made me sick a few times. I would wake up at 3 in the morning and just cry and get ready to go to the emergency room but I knew they would only give me meds and couldn't do anything about it until I saw the specialist. I hung in there and they luckily got me in first thing Monday.

This was 3 weeks ago and I've been a complete mess. I could barely walk or bend over or move my left side much less work. I tried to work and did a crappy job and got yelled at which made me feel even worse. Oh and I paid my entire $1500 deductible in 3 visits.

Saturday was the Hearts and Soles 5k with a valentines theme costume contest and I never miss a chance to dress up so I walked it with some friends including my awesome friend Stephanie who is recovering from skin removal surgery. Much more on that topic to come in a future blog post....

I'm FINALLY feeling better and am hoping and praying that tomorrow's visit results in some good news. I HATE not exercising. It makes me feel like my "old self" again. I also have to be VERY careful about what I eat as I'm up a few pounds due to the holidays and then a few more due to inactivity. I just went back to basics during this time - lots of protein, little carbs and tracking everything. Seems to be working and I'm still very much in control but as you can probably tell,  I'm ready to be feeling 100% again! I've got a half marathon at the end of March so I'm going to have to log some miles to feel ready for that.


Other than the boob, life is good. January 29th was my 2 year surgiversary and I couldn't be more grateful for the chance it gave me at my new life. It's not a magic solution It has most certainly been tough – probably is more of a challenge now than ever – but I'm never going back!

Monday Mix Tape - Catching up!

Helloooooooooo! Is anyone out there? I'm a terrible blogger and the longer I go without writing the harder it is to face it but it's REALLY good for me and I'm going to keep trying!!!

Life is awesome and even though I've been at my goal weight for almost a year, it still doesn't seem real at times. I never thought I'd love clothes so much and don't even get me started on the boots. I'm the proud owner of my 2nd pair of Frye's now thanks to my sweet husband :)

I've been struggling with gaining a few pounds during half marathon training but since it seems like I'm always going to be training for a half marathon, it's just part of the learning process I suppose. My body wants carbs all the time when I'm running this many miles and sometimes I give in a little too much. I quickly shot up to 130 and scared the crap out of myself so I reigned it in an little and have settled back in at about 124 which is fine by me. I promised myself if that ever happened I'd start logging in My Fitness Pal again and that's exactly what I did. I'm scared to death of gaining it all back but maybe that's not a bad thing really.

This is why this surgery is not a magic bullet. The first year and a half or so was pretty easy for me and now it's all me. I still have restriction and can't eat a lot at a time but I can certainly eat often and I can most definitely make bad choices.

So I did this thing where I purposely ran up Cardiac Hill (hills with names are never good) twice in one month at 6:30 in the morning. It was a free workout put on by the track club and it was REALLY good for me to face that challenge. We ran that mile long hill twice each time at various intensities and it ended up being really fun. It's good to break out of the distance routine sometimes and work on speed or hills. I'm so grateful to this community for helping me learn so much and grow to love running even more!
All that hill running was getting us ready for the big October race in Atlanta - the 10 miler.

It was a beyond GORGEOUS morning and I was more than ready but I was still nervous about all those hills.
I wish I could take credit for this picture - don't know who took it but it's a good one :)
It ended up being a great race which I finished in a respectable 1:41! and this picture pretty  much sums up how I feel in general.....
Best finish line photo ever. I'm not even touching the ground!!

I got to celebrate that night with my new friend Stephanie who also had VSG and has lost well over 100 pounds. It's been SO wonderful to find a friend who really gets it. We don't see each other often enough but she's just a Facebook message or a text away - she's been a savior and an inspiration!
240 pounds less of us!
We are 14 weeks in to 16 weeks of half marathon training and being a coach has been the single most rewarding thing I've ever done. This past Saturday was 11 miles in 26 degrees with 25 mph winds on the day after Halloween and I was so proud of my trainees for showing up. I call the group I run with "the bouncy ponytails" or the BP's :) They inspire me all the time. Even when I'm not with them!
October finished with a bang by me meeting 2 big goals. One was to run a hundred miles for the month
Oy that was not easy.......

and the other was to not eat any Halloween candy before actual Halloween. In the old days I would buy 2 huge bags and eat it all before buying more for trick or treaters. I kept telling myself "Halloween is a day not a month". It worked. I ate way too much on actual Halloween but whatever, I ran 11 miles the next morning :)

Speaking of Halloween, I finally got to dress up for the first time ever without my weight being a consideration. Our neighbors had a "CarnEvil" theme party so I went as a sort of dead tight rope walker. Really I just wanted to wear a tutu.

So that's about it! The next big event is Half Marathon on Thanksgiving. After that I will do Sarasota again in March then on to my first INTERNATIONAL half marathon in Edinburgh, Scotland in May. I can't wait for that!!! In the meantime I'll be running and trying not to think about bagels the whole time :) I'm REALLY going to try harder to update more often so stick with me!!!!

Monday Mix Tape

Hi y'all it's FALL here in Atlanta today and I couldn't be happier about that after the single most humid running weekend of my entire life. Overall it hasn't been a bad summer but these 90 degree 90 percent humidity days make me question why anyone would leave the house much less run :)


Saturday before sunrise I was up for hill work day with my half marathon trainees. I had my first fall off the bike the Wednesday before and was nursing a very sore and scraped up elbow but I went anyway. This was the first time I had ever done something like that on purpose. We ran 6 miles and I made it up that hill 10 times.

It was so humid you could see it beading up on my clothes but we had a great guy leading the run that had some really great advice. Adding to the list of things I never thought I'd hear anyone say ever, he was running with me for a minute and said I had an advantage on the hill because I was a "compact runner". I could have jumped for joy but I had to keep my perfect, compact hill running form :)


Sunday, again before sunrise, I was up to run my second ever relay race with the same awesome team I had last year. There are things about the team aspect that love and some that I don't. It's so much fun before and after but I put so much pressure on myself and work so hard that I end up running 9 minute miles on the verge of death :) I'm going to continue to justify it as a character building activity and try not to do that too often!


In other news, I finally decided what to do with all my race bling. There's never going to be enough space to hang up all my bibs so I put the special ones on the wires with the medals and all the other ones on a ring on the end.


It's getting close to a year since I hit my goal weight but things but there are some things that still stop me in my tracks.

This is the robe that I put on when I go to the salon to get my hair done. This exact robe used to not tie around my giant waist. I could close it at the top but the gap below was so big I had to hold it closed the whole time so no one would notice. Now it could wrap around me twice. How is that even possible?!?

This one, I'm not even really sure what to say about. Never would have dreamed it. Never necessarily wanted it but hell I'll take it! I'm totally that girl that walks into a store and is all like "do you have this in a zero?" LOL.


I'm inspired and life is awesome. Have a happy, healthy week!!

Monday Mix Tape - Catching up!

I know, I know it's been FOREVER but honestly I'm just enjoying living my life so much there's not much time left to write about it.

I was worried about what would happen when I got to this point - I thought I might start gaining weight back, or feeling sad that people are used me now and the constant compliments are dwindling. None of that is the case. I saw 123 on the scale the other day which is the lowest ever and I'm thrilled I don't have to field so many questions about my weight loss anymore - I just get compliments on my outfits :) Smalls are officially a bit big so I'm wearing xs and xxs in some cases. I'm about to go replace last summers size 2 skinny jeans with a 0. Never in a million years did I expect I was this small underneath an entire me worth of fat.

One of THE BEST things I have done is becoming a coach for Atlanta Track Club. Every Saturday morning I work with a group training for the Peachtree Road Race (worlds largest 10k here on 4th of July!). I was a trainee in this group at 250 pounds and I seriously thought I would die on my first day. Now I'm coaching this group of amazing people who are working SO hard. I can't even wrap my head around that most of the time.

I have my days but for the most part, maintenance has been easy. I would probably not be saying that if I wasn't running 30 miles a week because I can pretty much eat whatever I want now and if it wasn't for all that activity, I would certainly be putting weight back on. I can totally see how this can fall apart for people at this stage but I think I've managed to find a really good balance which is all I ever wanted....ever!

I'm going to leave you with some photos since I just think that's way more interesting than me blah blah blahing about it. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I freaking LOVE my new life!

Facebook ad photo for the hospital that did my surgery. I love all my race bling :)

This is what I call my "urban marathon" - running home from the pub with a cupcake and a latte.

House construction is progressing....
which has left us with 1/4 of a new deck....
which is great for neighbors....
and cocktails!
But all that fun must be earned with racing...
and sweating... (this was my #bostonstrong selfie)
and eating healthy 90% of the time...
and always training for my next half marathon!
Being a coach means (hopefully) giving back some of the joy that running and weight loss has given me. Shout out to the East Lake In Training for Peachtree Coaches!
All that yoga has come in handy as I'm the leader of the stretching!! :)

13.1 v2

Hi y'all! In case you are wondering where I've been, I was here
My BEAUTIFUL 2nd home town of Sarasota, Florida. I got up early enough on Saturday to have the beach to myself before spring break exploded! The ONLY bad thing about traveling for a race is my no alcohol the day before the race policy. I happily drank water and even did some yoga and a plank on the beach.
plank selfie!

nervous about "runners knee" but it ended up being fine!
The next day I got up at 5am for the 7am race. Luckily my hotel was 3/4 a mile from the start and I didn't have to sit in the already huge line of traffic. I just ran there!

The scenery and the fresh sea air make one wonder why anyone would want to run anywhere but here...
This was a tough race. It was hot and it was flat except for the bridge and by mile 8 I had a cramp in my calf that just wouldn't quit. I just slowed down and enjoyed the scenery - actually stopping to stretch my calf at water stops instead of running through and spilling water all over myself! 
Representin' the Atlanta Track Club

I knew I had friends at mile 12 cheering me on so that kept me going! 
meeting my pal otis with one mile to go!
And then it was done! 2 hours 26 minutes later and my 2nd half marathon was in the books!
my sister met me with flowers!

The best thing about Florida races - beer tent!

So I had about 7 beers (no joke) and walked back to my hotel (luckily!) The race was still going on so traffic was backed up for miles. I just walked by all the stopped cars with my giant bouquet of flowers and a muffin and pretended it was my own personal parade :)

I had a wonderful time and am already registered for next year - I can't resist the half price sales they have the day after a race!

I was really sore for days and haven't run in a week but I'm back to yoga this afternoon and will just to an "easy 10k" tomorrow to ease back in. My next race half marathon is in June in Duluth Minnesota - stay tuned for more on that!!

Traveling for half marathons is awesome. I ate and drank whatever I wanted and came back a pound lighter. I think I'm going to try to knock off another 5 pounds before the next race but we'll see. I'm enjoying this wonderful balance I've found. Not "dieting" is weird but boy do I love it!

Have a happy healthy, weekend everyone!

One Year Later (and then some!)

I know it's been way too long since I've posted and I want to say thank you to all who reached out to me to make sure I was okay. I'm fine. In fact better than fine. I think the reason it took me so long to write this post is the simple fact that I wanted to live with being at my goal for a little while before I wrote about it -- I really had no idea what to expect!

 I did survive this
and this 2 weeks later

 We didn't have it nearly as bad as the rest of the country but it was obviously pretty serious here. I sure picked a crappy first winter as a runner!

I was scared to death when I got to my goal weight but I'm finding a great balance of working out and adding back in some of my favorite foods in absolute moderation. Pizza is to be treated with respect and only had about once a month. I can only eat 2 tiny pieces now but it's the satisfaction that never ceases to surprise me about this surgery. I'm not sure I ever knew what it was like to feel full and satisfied instead of stuffed and sick and still wanting more. I'm not sure if this is what happens to everyone who has this surgery but it's the thing I'm most thankful for - that the obsession is going away and what I eat leaves me happy and not wanting more and more. Don't get me wrong though - after Christmas it was hard to back away from the cookies because I can still get hooked on the sugar just like the old days!

I'm still running and doing yoga and training with my trainer and all that good stuff. I work out about 6 days a week and have to sometimes force myself to take a day off! 

I've had a few great races so far this year and many more to come. 
This is me finishing the Tartan Trot - my very first under and hour 10k. 59:55! I almost barfed at the top of "Pipers Peak" so don't let this glamor shot fool you.
New Years Day resolution run with my friends and running heroes!

In less than 2 weeks I'll be traveling to Sarasota Florida for my 2nd half marathon. I just did a 12 mile training run on Saturday and I swear it was almost easy. I hate even putting that in writing because I don't want to jinx it! The plan is to do a half in all 3 of my home states so the final leg of the "Tait Tri-State Challenge" will be in Duluth, MN in June along the shores of lake superior. Both of these races will I'm sure smell a lot less like pee than my first half through the streets of the ATL :)

So I've been bouncing around 124, 125, 126. I'm a XS and a 2. Once I get my excess stomach skin removed one day I will be one of those b*tches who's wears a zero!? We will talk about the skin in it's own post as I think it's a concern for a lot of people (and frankly, way worse than I thought it would be) but I think I've lost as much weight as I'm going to. I've stopped trying anyway and will continue to eat healthy 95% of the time. 

I feel like this is how it was always supposed to be - I've always had this burning desire to be an athlete and that's exactly what I've become. I'm so proud of myself for making this happen and never realized just how profoundly that could affect my whole life.

Plenty more to come as I've been missing my blog and writing so much during the crazy busy times but I'm going to leave you with my 1 year photos. As much as I respected that girl in the first few photos, I don't miss her at all!

Monday Mix Tape

Hi! It's been a while since I've done a Monday post!

My weekends have turned into just another part of the work week lately - I still try to make time for the weekend-y things I like to do which leaves very little time for the weekend-y things I HAVE to do. Plus the weather has been so wacky it's really hard to plan much in advance!
Saturday I did a freezing cold (22 degrees) 6 miler with a good friend followed by a yummy, warm breakfast. I'm starting to enjoy making plans with friends to run. I'm not a talker and I listen to music when I run but it's still nice to have someone to meet and hold you accountable - especially in the dead of the coldest winter we've had since the 70s. *disclaimer for my northern friends - the cold - it's all relative and I know that y'all have it way worse and I think of you every time I'm out there shivering. Chicago is my favorite city in America and there's a reason I don't live there :)
Cold run on the Atlanta Beltline! Shoutout to Darin :)

Sunday I emptied out my closet for what I'm hoping will be the last time. Both my sisters are making out BIG on this round. I'm officially a 2 or a 4 depending on the brand and an XS on top. I'm not planning on getting much smaller than that and it's nice to buy things now I know I will have for a while. I did find this gem while I was at it....
I wish I had put some makeup on but this is REALITY people!
This shirt is from the 3rd grade - an homage to our championship men's and women's high school basketball team in Little Falls, MN. I remember getting it like it was yesterday - the iron on letters were a new thing back then! Luckily my mom held onto it all these years and gave it to me a few years ago - I'm sure never intending for me to fit into it!

This morning was absolutely gorgeous out so I took advantage and did my standard neighborhood 10k route. I'm going that distance every other day right now and it's just amazing to me that running for a solid hour is "normal" now. I chose the worst winter to become a runner but it might have just toughened me up a little (*see disclaimer). Stuff that already hurts just hurts more in the cold and the constant nose running and spitting is not the part of the lululemon clad, bouncy ponytail, runner chick image I like to maintain :)

So today in the high 50s and tomorrow is snow and teens. I'm extra thankful for hot yoga on my non-running days. I'm getting pretty darn good at it but yet there's so much room for improvement. I think that's what I love about it. I can really tell a difference in how sore I get from running if I haven't been to yoga at least twice a week!

My dog Sophie who's 12, had to have a really large tumor removed from her chest. She's recovering very well but it's been an every other day visit to the vet for bandage changes. I'll be happy when this is done but she's going to be okay so it's all worth it. It's not a cancer that spreads but it may have to be removed again down the line. I could totally feel the blood drain from my face when the surgeon told me the price so let's hope we're done done with this!
They always take the time to make her bandage pretty! And yes, she's wearing a boys Hanes tshirt to keep it clean ;)

FINALLY, this Wednesday is ONE YEAR since my surgery. Amazing how much can happen in 12 short months. I'm putting together an extra special blog post with pictures and updated measurements etc. I'm hoping to have it up on Wednesday but for sure by the end of the week!

Have a happy, healthy week everyone!

Friday weigh in - 11 month update!

Happy New Year! And what a year it's been! At least once a day there's a moment where I can't believe I've come so far in 11 months.

So far, maintenance has not been easy but I wasn't expecting it to be. As you'll see by the weigh in, I overdid it a little (okay a lot) over the holidays and I'm posting my first gain in 11 months. I had too many cookies, a lot of alcohol and cheese and crackers were made a meal on more than one occasion.  My maintenance plan is to give myself a 5lb margin within my 125 so I don't obsess about it but keep it in check. There's no way I'm going back but I can see how it can happen and it's really scary.

This is the first New Year that I can ever remember where losing weight wasn't on the resolution list. I always put them in writing so here's the list for 2014
  1. Run all 12 track club races. (There used to be a prize for this but of course now that I'm doing it there's not but I'm doing it for me!)
  2. Read and write more (I want to stop watching Breaking Bad so I can blog more and read more blogs...and books)
  3. 4 minute plank (3 minutes is the most I've ever done)
  4. Practice yoga both on and off the mat. (i.e. be less judge-y with myself and others)

Okay time for the weigh in. I've put it off long enough!

Jan 14 - Start of liquid diet - 250
Jan 29 - Surgery weight - 237 -13
Feb 8 - 231 -6
Feb 15 - 222 -9
Feb 22 - 220  -2
Mar 1 - 218  -2
Mar 8 - 216  -2
Mar 15 - 213 -3
Mar 22 - 209 -4
Mar 28 - 208 -1
Apr 5 - 206 -2
Apr 12 - 199 -7
Apr 26 - 196 -3
May 3 - 193 -3 
May 10 - 190 -3
May 17 - 187 -3
May 24 - 186 -1

May 31 - 184 -2
June 7 - 177 -7  
June 14 - 177 -0   
June 21 - 175 -2
June 28 - 171 -4
July 5 - 167 -4
July 12 - 167 -0
July 22 - 165 -2
July 26 - 159 -6
Aug 2 - 158 -1
Aug 9  - 157 -1
Aug 23 - 154 -3
Aug 30 - 150 -4
Sep 6 - 149 -1
Sep 13 - 146 -3
Sep 20 - 146 -0
Sep 27 - 144 -2
Oct 4 - 143 -1
Oct 18 - 138 -5
Nov 1 - 136 -2
Nov 11 - 134 -2
Nov 18 - 131 -3
Nov 25 - 131 -0
Dec 6 - 131 -0 
Dec 13 - 127 -4  
Dec 20 - 125 -2 
Jan 3 - 127 +2
click to enlarge

click to enlarge

 Not too much difference in the progress pics from last month to this month but I continue to gain muscle and it's definitely showing. I officially feel tiny now when I put on an xs shirt or my size 4 lululemons.

In other news, I had my first under-an-hour 10k on New Years Day!
New years eve dinner. I learned early on in running that 10k's and hangovers don't mix!

Starting the new year off with my running heroes!

I love a finish line!


I NEVER thought I would see 9's in front of my miles. That is so amazingly fast for my little legs - so fast I almost threw up but whatever ;)

Hope the new year is off to a great start for everyone. As stated in the resolutions, I plan on being around here a bit more. I'm at the end of season 3....