Friday weigh in - Breakthrough!

I have so much to say today I barely know where to begin so I'll start with the best news.

I lost 10 pounds!

It's freaking miraculous. I almost forgot what it felt like to make huge progress - boy did I miss it.

I'm obviously on to something with the 17 day diet. (don't let the name fool you - it's not only for 17 days it goes in 17 day cycles) I hate diets and have been avoiding them for years but I was getting desperate. I feel like this particular plan is well rounded and while it's strict in the beginning, it gradually becomes something that's doable for life. If things get out of control along the way, you just go back and do the first 17 days.

Basically I've eaten nothing but super lean protein - only chicken, turkey, eggs (egg beaters for me) cottage cheese (the pro-biotic kind) and greek yogurt. 2 servings of fruit a day and unlimited veggies. It aint easy but it works. I have completely stuck to it aside from one miniature Reese's cup, one Fiber 1 bar, and one beer. I think it will get easier in the next phase of adding in some good carbs every other day. I miss beans!

The breakthrough hasn't just been about the 10 pounds. I've been doing more soul searching than ever - thanks to a more regular yoga practice. Tuesday night was one of the hardest classes I've ever had - I could tell I hadn't eaten quite enough and my favorite instructor was pushing us with no breaks at all between poses. For every pose of the 90 minutes, I tried to envision what it would be like if there was less fat in the way. For example:

I can almost do this - got about an inch to go before my forehead is actually on my knee

I can almost do this - maybe half an inch until my forehead is on the floor

This one, still can only get one foot though if my instructor hands me my other foot, I can hold the pose.

This one still eludes me. My belly will not allow my foot to cross over my other leg. I just twist instead.
This is what I'm doing tomorrow. If someone were to have told me 2 years ago I would be signing up for a headstand workshop I would have said you were CRAZY.

I feel somehow different about weight loss when I look at it from this point of view (upside down! HA! ) - it feels like I'm being good to myself by making it more about the ability to intensify my practice vs. punishing myself by taking away all the food I love. (can you tell I've been reading Women, Food and God again???)

I'm not expecting this rapid weight loss to continue but I REALLY needed this.

Have a great weekend everyone!