Monday mix tape

Hi y'all. I had a hugely busy weekend and it went by WAY too fast.

I can't thank you enough for all the encouraging comments on Friday's miraculous weigh in. I feel fabulous and am wearing some clothes I haven't been able to wear in a while.


Saturday I went to my core class with my trainer then to the headstand workshop. This is an EXPERT level workshop and during the warmup I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to do it but after lots of instruction on how to do it the right way, I was ready to go. And I did it. A few times. Some of them we did against the wall and some we did with a partner. For the partner one (I had my sister thank GOD) She pulled me up from a forward fold and let go. I probably balanced on my head for about 15 seconds without support. Shoulder stand we did on our own in the middle of the room which was REALLY hard.

I did them all without fear and had the time of my life.

I bring this up not to brag but to encourage my readers to keep doing stuff you're afraid of - just try and you might surprise yourself. If you don't try, you'll never know what you can do.


We had a lot of social obligations which always makes it difficult eat well but I did my best!

Friday night was a date night so I chose a place with a divine salmon salad. Having someone else cook my fish is a luxury! :)

We had dinner out on Saturday before a play and also chose a seafood place where I had shrimp, scallops a spinach salad and asparagus. Oh and 3 beers and a Patron. Yikes. It was damn fun though!

Sunday I had to go to a kids birthday party and watched a whole lotta people eat a whole lotta burgers and hotdogs. I would have normally had one of each plus all the stuff on the side but I'm determined! It also didn't hurt that one of the little hellions had touched all the plates after touching the floor and dog and God knows what else!

I didn't gain any weight this weekend but I probably would have lost if it weren't for the alcohol but I'll always be happy to maintain over a weekend - especially when I had a great time and didn't feel deprived.


I'm starting my second week of the 17 day diet armed with tons of recipes and a fridge full of healthy food. Mostly salads but I've been making really satisfying huge salads full of protein and other goodies. I also found a 13 calorie, fat free, local greek yogurt ranch dressing at Whole Foods which has pretty much changed my life. Thanks sample lady!


Have a great week everyone!!