And so it begins..

Exactly 3 months after I first saw the surgeon - we are 2 weeks away which means liquid diet for me!
Little bit of a panic attack at the surgeons office this morning - my primary care doctor left out an important sentence in her letter so I walked it down to her office and begged and pleaded with them them to fix it in the next day or 2. If we wait too long, I'll have to do an extra week of liquids. Everything else is ready to submit to insurance and it's up to Cigna after that.

I loaded up on supplies. Plenty of protein shakes, gummy vitamins (for grownups) and calcium chews. Because I'm not having the full gastric bypass my vitamin regimen isn't as strict. I did add some Biotin because some people say that it helps with hair loss. (I really don't want to lose my already thin $200 highlights!)

I know myself and I know I'm not going to want to cook much dinner while I'm doing liquids so Sunday was a cooking extravaganza. My husband is not entirely helpless in the kitchen but it's less stressful for me if meals are planned and he's not in there making a big mess (sorry honey it's the truth!) I got 3 pounds of fresh chicken sausage from the farmers market and turned it into several weeks worth of pasta sauce and chili. I also made a giant batch of pea soup for me but that wasn't as appetizing so I left it out of the picture. Every storage container in my house is in use and there's not an ounce of room in the freezer.

My neighbor sent me a message this morning saying "this is the first day of the rest of your life" and it made me so happy - totally started off my adventure on a high note :)